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School of Faith is an online, Zoom-based gathering place for conversation about faith in everyday life.

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Listening Around the Table: Faith With Family

Sunday, November 22 at 10 am

How can we make sure we are listening to one another, while creating space to share and wonder, and even to disagree, as we gather around the table?

The Coming of the Son of Man

Monday, November 23 at 12 noon

Join us for prayer, fellowship, and discussion on next Sunday's Gospel passage. 

Loving Through Listening

Tuesday, November 24 at 12 noon

This inside look at "The Space Between Us" explores how we can bring down communication barriers using listening as a communication tool, with teenagers or anyone. With Alice DeVries of Christ Church and Courtnie McIntosh of The Academy of Goal Achievers.

Looking Ahead

Join us during Advent.

Sundays and Tuesdays beginning November 29. Program schedule coming soon.

School of Faith daily programming will return in 2021.

We are seeking feedback on your experience connecting with us digitally this fall. Whether you have participated online and loved it, or never made the connection, we would greatly appreciate your input as we plan for 2021. Thank you for your feedback!

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